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Our rustic American Flag Concealment Cabinet provides the perfect hidden storage for guns or anything you want out of sight. Our cabinets are handcrafted from reclaimed wood with variations in wood characteristics and shading..making each cabinet a true one of a kind piece. The flag pieces are hand torched before staining to allow the natural wood grain to give the impression of motion to our flag with a clear coat for protection. The cabinet/case is finished with ebony stain / clear.

Unlike most concealment gun cabinets, our hidden gun storage case utilizes a solid wood back and 4 rubber coated magnets (45 lb) to hold your guns and magazines. The cabinet base is wide enough to hold boxes of ammunition or additional accessories. We utilize hidden hinges for concealment and gas struts to hold the cabinet lid up securely when opened. The standard lock on our gun case is an RFID lock with key card and key fob for unlocking the case.

We offer a deluxe hidden gun cabinet with fingerprint lock upgrade, 3 motion detection LED light bars (battery operated with magnetic strip for easy battery change) and 2 additional rubber coated magnets.

We recommend stud installation and all of our cabinets come predrilled and include hardware for hanging.

Overall measurements:
37” x 20.25” x 6.25”


Measurement variations of up to .5” may occur due to handcrafting and reclaimed wood.

Please contact us directly for any customization requests.

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